My First Post Of The Year

Since I was busy with work at my workplace, I was unable to spend time for updating my blogs. We are about to complete a month of the new year and I decided to post my first article of the year.

Update on IE 9

There are unconfirmed reports in the media that Microsoft is planning the public release of Internet Explorer 9 RC on February 14. The beta was made available to the public last year and its been already downloaded 10 million time, making it the most for any beta version of Internet Explorer. Its been rumoured that the final version will incorporate many changes which were not present in the beta version. With the release of IE9,Microsoft is banking on it to gain lost grounds from Chrome and Firefox.

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft released first update to the Windows Phone 7 platform this month and the features include the much needed Copy & Paste functionality, better market place search and faster application and games. The platform is slowly attaining a global reach with more and more manufacturers releasing the WP7 devices world wide. It had also run into several hiccups, the phantom data usage being the most significant one. But MS was quick to respond in resolving the matter, which was not a bug and was attributed to a third party service that caused larger than expected data usage.

Also there were news that some developers has got payments from Windows Phone Marketplace, which came to light through some posting by the developers itself. Earlier Microsoft has said that they will be depositing the money by the last week of January.

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