Reliving TechEd 2012 with Vinod Kumar

Reliving TechEd India 2012 with Vinod

March is the time for the largest technical event in India, TechEd organized by Microsoft. Bangalore was the host city for the second time in a row for this mega event and it was expected to be bigger and better than ever.  So if any one doubted the tagline “Go Big” for this year’s Teched they where in for a surprise. Within the first hour of the opening keynote #techedin began trending at the top in twitter. You will get more details regarding the event from the official TechEd India site or from the blogs from the community

For unfortunate fellows like me who were unable to attend the event in person, live video streaming by Microsoft was the only way to know what’s happening at the event. But to my disappointment they were streaming only the keynotes and sessions related to Windows 8, which was one of the focal points of this year’s TechEd. But that disppointment has given way when I came to know that and is organizing an event “Reliving TechEd 2012 with Vinod Kumar” and there is no prizes for guessing about the speaker at the event. Its Vinod Kumar, who is well known for his expertize in SQL and contribution to the community will be taking the sessions which he presented in this year’s TechEd. So if anyone out there who has missed the sessions of Vinod from TechEd, this is another chance to make up some lost ground and catch up with the folks from the community.

Vinod will be covering the points he did at the following section from TechEd

1. Understanding Windows with SysInternals Tools and
2. Peeling the Onion: SQL Server Internals Demystified.

Date     :  Saturday, April 07, 2012

Venue :  Microsoft, Krishna Hall, Embassy Building, 3rd Floor, Domlur.

More details are here

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