A look back at 2013

Amal   January 1, 2014   No Comments on A look back at 2013

It’s that time of the year when I rewinds the things I had done in the past year and what I had skipped. It’s been a fantastic year for me both professionally and personally. Even though I was not that much active in blogging, I was very much involved with developing apps for Windows Phone 8.

The DVLUP campaign from Nokia was great thing for me, coupled with fact that I now owns couple of Nokia Lumia phones, I rebooted my passion of developing apps for Windows Phone. Upgraded all the existing ones with new features and also released couples of new ones in the marketplace. But as I got more involved with the development, I was very much frustrated with non availability of system wide API’s in the platform and I do really hope they open out some of them in the coming year. As the year went by, the platform got richer by more features, more popular apps came to the marketplace and sales also gone up cementing the third place. But I think the gap between second place and third place is huge and there is lot more catching up to do.

2013 finally saw me I upgraded my phone to a smartphone after a spending lot of time on analysis, I chose Nokia Lumia 925 and you can read about in detail here. To this day, I am very much impressed with the hardware Nokia  has given me, especially the camera and the related apps came with it. I was so impressed with that it slowly started reducing the DSLR usage of mine. See some sample images I took with it in my instagram account.

Then came the real surprise from Nokia and DVLUP, they a ran an invite only campaign which gave a Nokia Lumia 520 to all the qualified entrants. I was lucky to be one among them and finally got some relief because I was using 925 for debugging my apps also and really feared that one day I will brick it. So these days I use 520 extensively for developing and debugging and 925 for all other things which a phone is intended to do. Other than that I started seriously looking into MVC 4 and Windows Azure Mobile Services and is currently working on an WP app and a website which I hope to go live in a month or two.

On the personal front it’s been a eventful year with lot of travel and eating out with my friends helped me in relieving some stress. Had witnessed couple of excellent parting speeches from two gentlemen who had given me lot of emotions in my life till date. Thank you Sir Alex and Sachin Tendulkar for all those wonderful memories which dates back to my childhood, you people will be surely missed.

I hope in the coming year I intends with spend some quality time with my blog so that I can share my experiences from hobby projects which I think will help some one. Till then wishing all a very happy new year and happy  holidays.

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