Updating to Lumia Black

Amal   January 29, 2014   No Comments on Updating to Lumia Black

Nokia has already started pushing the latest update named Black along with GDR3 sometime ago. The users will get notification to download the update if automatic checking for updates is turned on, otherwise they will be able to manually check for updates under Settings -> Phone Updates. If you were unable to find any updates, then please visit here for availability of the same in your region. If update is available for your phone then the procedure will happen as shown in the gallery given below.

For me it took almost an hour for downloading the package over a WiFi connection and installation. Since you won’t be able to use during the installation process, you also have the option for deferred installation, meaning you will be able to save the download to your device and then install it sometime later.

Lumia Black will have the following features as described in the gallery given below

The close option and screen lock were the much sought out features since the platform was launched and it was nice to see that both Nokia and Microsoft has given priority to the feedback from the community. But Notification Center and File Explorer are still missing and I think we may need to wait until the launch of Windows Phone 8.1 aka Blue for that.

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