My year in review – 2014

Again it’s that time of the year when we ready ourselves for the new year ahead and also the time for a look back at the year about to pass.

It was a great year for me both personally and professionally. This year formally ended the long search for a life partner and by the middle of the year I bid good bye to my  bachelorhood.  On the professional side, I moved to a new web based project from the one which I was working for the last five years or so and finally got the chance to start fresh. This year also saw me venturing into ASP.NET MVC big time in a serious manner and got the chance to make some lost ground in the web arena.

I always believed that luck plays a significant role in everyone’s life and mine’s was no different. I didn’t had any plans for shifting jobs at the start of the year since my marriage was around the corner and didn’t want to get out of the comfort zone for the time being. But things happened so quickly that I was in a new company even before the marriage itself. Even though I was reluctant at the start of the year, when the opportunity for me presented itself I jumped at the very first chance. At this moment I would like to thank some very special people for connecting the dots 🙂

Also away from work, plenty of time was spend on tripping, eating out, late night films and music shows that helped me to keep my mind fresh from the hectic work.

And finally by the end of the year, I decided to change my hosting provider, since the current provider was pathetic with their support and infrastructure. After a lot of googling , I decided to go with Arvixe and their offering was pretty impressive for my requirements. Also I decided to do away with DotNetNuke and embraced Orchard as my CMS. So with the new year, my site will be powered by Orchard and the blog will remain on WordPress albeit with a different hosting provider. Since I am getting familiarized with Orchard with each day, you will be seeing some changes to the site from time to time. There is no change with the URL and can be accessed at and

That’s all folks for the time being, keep reading.

Happy New Year !!!!!!

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