Reserving your copy of Windows 10

Last week Microsoft began pushing an app for reserving the copy of Windows 10 for all the legitimate users. Somehow many legitimate users like me the app icon was missing from the system tray. So I began troubleshooting by verifying whether Windows in genuine and is activated or not, whether Windows update is running or not, all the required patches are applied or not. All was fine with my machine and yet the icon was not appearing. So after waiting for couple of days and then I stumbled on this post and used the script available in the Dropbox for solving my issue.

The second option did worked for me and when it was run the icon appeared instantly.


Clicking on the icon will pop out a window as given below.


This app has 5 pages and the next four pages will show you the different features in Windows 10 and for reserving your copy, just click on the Reserve Your Free Upgrade button which will redirect you to another page where you will need to give your email address.


Once you are done with registration you will get the notification in the provided email address


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